About Us


Tumble Time uses a developmental age-appropriate progressive teaching curriculum. Our preschool physical fitness program is designed to promote and enhance motor skills, coordination and confidence, improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility with specifically designed tumbling equipment, music and fun activities.

We introduce to children achievable fitness and tumbling routines that provide a foundation for success. Research has shown that frequent success is what keeps children motivated to learn. In each Tumble Time lesson we will challenge and motivate the children, instilling valuable lessons that will help them mentally and socially, while keeping their bodies strong. Our program allows each student from two year olds to pre-k to succeed at his or her level and lay a foundation for future activities. 

Parents don't have to worry about finding time to take their children to another facility. They can give their child every advantage and opportunity while their child is at school, while they're at work. We bring our physical fitness and gymnastics program right to their daycare facility. A trained Tumble Time instructor will provide three 30 minute fun-filled classes each month. 

The younger Tumble Time students discover the fun of movement on surfaces that are soft, bouncy, and brightly colored. We include in our program balance activities, coordination and directional skills with creative movement and hands on fun. Rolling, climbing, and jumping are all a part of each 30 minute class. The more active preschoolers will learn skills on specifically designed equipment such as inclines and trapezoids to learn beginner gymnastics skills, for example: rolls, handstands, and front rolls, All preschoolers use the gymnastics apparatus scaled down to their size.